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Yamanaka Shinten'o | Landscape


"The power of calligraphy floods out from the silk" (Sugitani Rokkyo)


Everyday going to the shore with seagulls and herons,
Floating for a life on a single boat.
Willow weaves in spring wind on the shore of peaches,
Autumn moonlight on prince’s feathers and reed’s flowers. 

Composed and painted by Shinten’o in a straw hut.
Sealed: [Shuku], [Tadasu no mori], [Gaireki Seitsu] and [koshi ni kokashi yukai ni chosho o takusu].


Inscription on the collector's box: Shinten’o silk mounted hanging scroll. - Shinten’o from time to time walks little paths. His brush strokes are witty and vivant. The power of calligraphy floods out from the silk. - Rokkyo Ryoso.


The certificate on the inside of the box lid was issued by Sugitani Rokkyo (1865-1944), a literati style painter from Kyoto. The title Sugitani gave the painting (on the outside of the box lid) is: "Fishing alone in a mountain stream".


Yamanaka Shinten'o (1822-1885)

Ink on fabric

136.4 x 34.9 (53 3/4 x 13 3/4 in.)

Mounting: 202 x 47.5 cm (79 1/2 x 18 3/4 in.)
Cerificate box: Sugitani Rokkyo (1865-1944)


On Yamanaka Shinten'o see: Stephen Addiss: Yamanaka Shinten'o. The Albatross of Japanese Painting, in: Monumenta Nipponica, vol. 48, no.3, Autumn 1993, pp. 315-336.
Berry, Paul : Yamanaka Shinten’o, in Otsu City Museum of History: Unexplored Avenues of Japanese Painting, The Hakutakuan Collection, 2001, pp. 157-159.


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