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tsurusawa tansen kaki byoso painted mounting

Tsurusawa Tansen | Painted mounting


From the property of Hirohashi Koremitsu's daughter. A postumous gift to Baisen-in temple. 


But the most spectacular feature of this wonderful scroll is its painted trompe-l’oeil mounting. The depiction of a giant willow branch represents the elaborate frame of a poem composed by Konoe Motohiro (1648-1722) and brushed by Tsurusawa Tansen. 


Young women on Hatsuse river making threads.

Spring winds from the mountains

blow away cherry blossoms.

Respectfully written by Tanzan (i.e. Tsurusawa Tansen)


Konoe Motohiro was a painter, poet, and from 1690 to 1703 he was the most powerful courtier when he was Emperor Higashiyama's regent (Kampaku).


The inscription on the box lid reads: Poem by Konoe Oenman Kanpaku Motohiro. The inscription on the inside of the box lid reveals that this scroll was a - probably postumous - gift to Baisen-in temple: Baisen-in. From the property of Hirohashi Koremitsu's (1745-1823) daughter. Received June 8th 1861.  


Tsurusawa Tansen (1755-1816)

95 x 30.3 cm (37 1/2 x 12 in.)

Mounting 181 x 46 cm (71 1/4 x 18 in.)
Wooden box
Some foxing to the paper and some worm holes.


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