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Tomita Keisen | Landscape

Tomita Keisen | Landscape


Landscape painting with a certificate by Furukawa Toshitsugu, Professor Fukuoka University.


"Tomita Keisen gradually experienced a stylistic change from haiku-picture-like expressions towards those of nanga style. Yet what made him unique is that he did not depend on old, conventional and patternized motifs inherent in nanga paintings, but on sketches drawn on the spot. To liberate himself from the long-established traditionalism, Keisen had recourse to his traveling experiences, and his rough and rapid ink sketches based on his nature observation," (Furukawa Toshitsugu: The enlightenment of Keisen, in: Journal of the Japanese Society for Aesthetics, Volume 33, Dec. 31, 1982.)


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Tomita Keisen (1879-1936) 

Ink and color on paper

124.8 x 30 cm (49 x 11 3/4 in.)

Mounting: 203 x 43 cm (80 x 17 in.)
Wooden box

SKU: 2305
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