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Tazaki Soun | Painting

Tazaki Soun | Painting


Tazaki Soun spent most of his life in Tokyo (then Edo) and was devoted to painting and politics. At sixty - a auspicious age in Japan - he began thinking about changing his way of life.  And in 1878 he left Tokyo and settled in Ahikaga, a more rural area some 50 miles North. He built his "White Stone Mountain Hut" (Hakusekisanbo) where he led a more secluded life than ever before. 


The painting is inscribed: "The first offerings from the mountain cottage": China aster (Miyakowasure), pampas grass (Suzuki), arrowhead bulbs (Kuwai), lily root (Yurine), mushroom (Maitake), and finally aubergine (Nasu). - The mounting of the scroll is elaborately decorated with a wonderfully painted pine tree.


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Tazaki Soun (1815-1898)

Ink on paper

23 x 32 cm (9 x 12½ in.)

Mounting 108 x 45.5 cm (42½ x 18 in.)

SKU: 2595
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