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Raku Sonyu | Teabowl


«Shimoyo» (frosty night), a Teabowl by Raku Sonyu (1664-1716), the 5th generation head of the Raku family. Inscription in red lacquer on the teabowl by Joshinsai (1705-1751), the 7th generation head of Omotesenke. Box inscription by Sottakusai, the 8th generation head of Omotesenke. Published (no. 127) in the exhibition and auction cataloque of the collection of Yasuoka Setsuji (Hyakkatsuen), a wealthy textile merchant from Oita. The auction was held on November 24, 1935.


Raku Sonyu (1664-1716)

H: 8 cm (3 in.)

Diam: 13 cm (5 in.) 

Wooden box

SKU: 2681
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