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Rai Sanyo | Letter

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A letter to Koishi Genzui, a most prominent physician in Kyoto. But Genzui was also a patron of the arts and a friend of artists. A very close friend was Rai Sanyo with whom he had a particularly close relationship. Genzui and Sanyo had ties of a different kind. Genzui was married to Sanyo's sister-in-law, and Sanyo was married to Rie, a former maid and adopted daughter of the Koishi family. 


Rai Sanyo (1780-1832)

Letter to Koishi Genzui (1784-1849), patron and friend of Sanyo

Collector's box inscribed by Tanomura Chokunyu.

Red ink on paper

16 x 21 cm 

Mounting 109.5 x 37cm

Collector's box

Bachmann Eckenstein