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Oblong Raku dish


Red Raku oblong tray with delicate red lacquer repairs. Raku ware originated in the middle of the sixteenth century with Chojiro Raku, who created a special type of ware used in the traditional tea ceremony. Fired at a low temperature with a lead-based glaze, Raku ware was originally manufactured in three colors: black (kuro), red (aka), and white (shiro).



Flickwerk. The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics, Exhibition Catalogue, Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and Museum für Lackkunst, 2008, ill. p.44.


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Oblong Raku dish

Raku ware

Length 18.6 cm (7 3/4 in.)

Width 8.6 cm (3 1/4 in.)

Heigth 1.7 cm (3/4 in.)

SKU: 1113
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