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Nakajima Kaho | Painting



The opening day is set to until May third,
When do we say it's summer or spring?
Should we decide and offer our respects?

In this land near Nara, a monk,
Thinking of the capital he once saw,
He may go back to the city this summer,
To visit the Golden Pavilion's opening,
Should I join?

From afar, the camphor trees,
The Tanuki at the Golden Pavilion,
A humorous sketch of Tanuki pilgrimage by Buson,
With an added touch by Goshun.

The seventy-one-year-old,
by Kaho


Nakajima Kaho (1866-1939), 1936 

Ink on paper

126.2 x 30.2 cm (49¾ x 12 in.) 

Mounting 204 x 32.5 cm (80¼ x 12¾ in.) 

Original box (tomobako) 

SKU: 2509
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