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Mushanokoji Saneatsu kaki painting poem detail

Mushanokoji Saneatsu | Calligraphy


How long does it take to harvest...?

"Peach and chestnut three years.
Persimmon eight years.
Daruma nine years
Myself a lifetime." 

Mushanokoji Saneatsu not only was an outstanding poet, novelist, and playwright, but he obviously also had a deep understanding of gardening. - Signed on the lower left "Saneatsu", and sealed beneath "Musha".

The ink is rather thin and light, but in contrast to the material delicacy of the ink, the characters are firm and stable. They show an interesting feature. The horizontal lines are thin whereas the vertical lines a broad, giving this calligraphy a somewhat untraditional and modern look.


Mushanokoji Saneatsu (1885-1976)
Ink on paper
26.8 c 23.8 cm (10 ½ x 9 ¼ in.)
Mounting 123.5 x 34 cm (48 ½ x 13 ¼ in.)
Wooden box

SKU: 2126
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