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Kitaoji Rosanjin | Calligraphy


Quatrain of five-syllable lines from Chinese-style poem by Zen monk, Ryokan (1758-1831), written in the author's calligraphic style by Rosanjin:


Outside the gate, spring is almost half gone, 
the delightful birds can't help but chirp;
without seeing the face of true gentleman, 
I already know the true gentleman's heart."


Rosanjin is generally known as a creative genius not only in ceramic art but also in seal engraving, lacquer-craft, as well as in calligraphy, and painting.
It is important to mention that calligraphy not only was his first artistic, but also professional occupation: In 1899 he studies calligraphy, 1904 he submits a copy of the Thousand Character Classic to the calligraphy division of the prestigious Nitten Art Exhibition, and wins first Prize!, and in 1907 he begins accepting calligraphy students under the name Fukuda Otei. Calligraphy and painting take an important place in Rosanjin's artistic life. After 1921 when he began his Gourmet Club his main artistic focus was on cooking and ceramics.


Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959)

Ink on paper

37 x 45.5 cm (14½ x 18 cm)

Mounting 134 x 57 cm (52¾ x 22½ in.)

Wooden box

SKU: 1611
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