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Kintsugi | Teabowl


The growing popularity of kintsugi stems from its ability to align with the principles of imperfection, artistic expression, and mindfulness. It offers a visually captivating and meaningful way to reimagine broken objects, reminding us that imperfections can be a source of profound beauty and significance. Kintsugi resonates with individuals who value creativity, tradition, and a conscious approach to consumption. As we embrace kintsugi, we learn to see the cracks in our lives and possessions not as flaws to be hidden, but as opportunities for transformation, growth, and a celebration of our shared human experiences.



18th century with gold lacquer repairs 

H: 8 cm (3 in.)

D: 12 cm (4¾ in.)

Reused, recycled wooden container to store this repaired tea bowl. 

SKU: 2036
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