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Kintsugi Teabowl


He was known as The Giant of Electric Power. Matsunaga Yasuzaemon (1875-1971) was businessman and a key figure in the Japanese electric industry before (and again after) World War II. After turning sixty he began to enjoy the tea ceremony and he took "Jian" as his sobriquet from a phrase from Confucius' Analects. Matsunaga owned several prestigious houses in Atami, Odawara, and Yanase. 

But in 1939 he had built a modest tea house "Ichinichian" in Izu Dogashima, where he practiced an unconventional, free, and dynamic style of tea ceremony. When this Karatsu Kintsugi bowl came into Matsunaga’s collection in July 1965 he gave it the poetic name "Breaking Moon". 


Kintsugi Teabowl

Karatsu ware

Momoyama period

H: 4.5 cm (1 ¾ in.)

D: 14 (5 ½ in.)

Ex coll. Matsunaga Jian (1875-1971)

Collector's box

SKU: 2616
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