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Kintsugi | Teabowl

Kintsugi | Teabowl


Kuroda Ryoji (1905-1987) was fourteen years of age and living far away from home. He worked for a pottery shop in Tokyo's prestigious Ginza, and he had a dream. The dream of owning his own pottery shop one day in Ginza. After thirty years of hard work, he opened Kuroda Totoen, which became one the most influential ceramic galleries in Japan. 


With a wood box inscribed, signed and sealed by Totoan, i.e. Kuroda Ryoji (1905-1987).


Kintsugi Teabowl 

Kamakura period (12-14 c.)

Seto ware

H. 6.4 cm (2½ in.)

D. 15.8 cm (6¼ in.) 

Wooden box (Kuroda Totoan) 

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