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karatsu kintsugi dish view-1

Kintsugi | Dish


When we see a fragment, whether it's a unfinished painting, a snippet of a song, a few lines of poetry, or even a broken piece of pottery, it invites our minds to fill in the missing pieces. Our imagination kicks in, trying to envision what the complete artwork might look like or the story it could tell. 


A fragment can ignite curiosity and intrigue, prompting us to explore the possibilities and create our own narratives. It challenges us to engage with our imagination, allowing it to run wild and fill the gaps with our own unique interpretations.


Moreover, fragments can stimulate new ideas and perspectives. They can break away from conventional structures and invite us to think outside the box. By starting with a fragment, we are not bound by the expectations or limitations of the whole. We can reimagine and reconstruct, infusing our own creativity and personal experiences into the process.


In this way, a fragment becomes a catalyst for inspiration and a springboard for artistic expression. It encourages us to delve deeper into our imagination, exploring uncharted territories and discovering new artistic possibilities.


Kintsugi Dish 

Karatsu ware

18th century

H: 4.6 cm (1¾ in)

D: 14.2 cm (5 in.) 

Modern wooden box

SKU: 1714
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