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kinoshita Itsuun landscape painting

Kinoshita Itsuun | Landscape


Itsuun excelled at large, complex compositions with dense, layered brush work.

Following the family tradition Itsuun planned to become a medical doctor. But he developed an interest in painting early in his life and first studied with Ishizaki Yushi, who painted Chineses-style landscapes. Then he joined the Zen priest Hidaka Tetsuo in studying with the visiting Chinese merchant painter Jiang Jiapu, one of the most influential of the Chinese painters to come to Japan. Jiang had a huge impact on Itsuun and many other painters in Nagasaki. (Literati Modern, p. 274). - Signed and sealed Mokuin Shosai and Itsuun


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Kinoshita Itsuun (1799-1866)

Ink on paper

168.5 x 48.2 cm (66 1/4 x 19 in.)

Mounting: 207.5 x 63.5 cm (81 3/4 x 25 in.)
Old wooden box

SKU: 2125
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