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Kawai Gyokudo | Letter


Kawai Gyokudo's letter addressed to Miagawa Tadamaro (1902-1961), a young aspiring artist and student at Gakusuin, an istitution with a tradition of educating nobility. In 1923 Miyagawa left Tokyo to study music in Kyoto. But in the end he worked for the government (his brother was the Prime Minister Konoe) and after the war he took the function of head priest at Kasuga shrine in Nara.


The authenticity of this calligraphy is certified on the inside of the box by Kawai Mitsuo (1952-2006), Gyokudo's grand-son and director of the Gyokudo Art Museum, Ome.


Kawai Gyokudo (1873-1957)

Ink on paper, early 1920s

19.4 x 60.5 cm (7½ x 23¾ in.)

Mounting: 110.5 x 72 cm (43½ x 28¼ in.)
Certificate box, Kawai Mitsuo

SKU: 2678
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