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Kawabata Ryushi | Letter


Private letter addressed to Mr. Harada a tobacco store owner and art collector in Tokyo. Kawabata writes: "Dr Handa came recently together with Okiyo Yoichi. He looked well but very busy. - The other day I received this very good tabacco from you. I only looked at it and now I am waiting for an occasion to smoke it. - These days I have neighbors comming for paintings. I didn't catch a cold recently. When I have time I stay in my studio, so I can work hard. I'll come up to see and greet you later." -  21th day of 12th month. Sincerely, Kawabata Ryushi.


Kawabata Ryushi (1885-1966) | Letter

Ink and color on paper

17.7 x 48.8 cm (7 x 19 1/4 in.)

Mounting 104 x 51 cm (41 x 20 in.)
Collector's box


SKU: 2412
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