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kano tessai courd letter

Kano Tessai | Letter


For New Year Iwa-san received this artistically appealing letter from Kano Tessai who was a well-known painter and sculptor in Nara. Little is known about his ambitions in poetry. But Iwa-san was the host of a poetry gathering and Tessai was his guest. 


"Happy New Year. The pleasure is double as the date for the haiku gathering has been settled already and as it will take place at your bright home. I am sorry for the burden of my coming though. I would like to make the most of it. As it is a New Year’s gathering, I would like to write some poems about old masters. It would be a great help if you can send me some good poems by...

master Taigado, called Menpeki, by master Yahan-o (Buson), called Sao, and by master Sanyo

called Shinro.


The other day, you have kindly recited my humble poem. I was sweating from embarrassment.

Respectfully yours, January 6th, Tessai. - To Master Iwa, Horaisan.



I have not started painting the haiku screen yet. But I want to finish it as quickly as possible.



Kano Tessai (1845-1925)


In and color on paper

19 x 52 cm (7½ x 20½)

Mounting 86 x 64 cm (33¾ x 25 in.)

Wooden box


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