Kakukakusai Sosa | Letter

Kakukakusai Sosa | Letter


A letter by Kakukakusai Sosa (1678-1730), the sixth generation head of Omotesenke to Nakamura Sotetsu (1699-1776), a lacquer artisan. - The collector's box inscribed by Shirasaki Kenjo (born 1941), a connoisseur of calligraphy and collector of autographs.


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Kakukakusai Sosa (1678-1730) 

Letter to Nakamura Sotetsu 

Ink on paper

13.5 x 74 cm ((5¼ x 29 in.)

Mounting 103 x 76.5 cm (40½ x 30 in.)

Collector's box (Shirasaki Kenjo)

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