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inui tai wood block print noh stage kasuga shinto shrine detail

Inui Tai | Noh stage at Kasuga Shrine


Noh stage at Kasuga Shrine in Sasayama (Tamba), Hyogo Prefecture. The stage was donated to the shrine by Aoyama Tadanaga (1807-1864) in 1861. There are seven big - Tamba ware -pottery jars underneath the stage and an echo effect from the rock mountain in front of it. 


The inscription on the lower right reads:

Kasuga Noh

Tamba Sasayama

Futari Shizuka, "The Two Shizuka", a Noh play by Kanze Motokiyo Zeami (1363-1443). - Sealed "Inui".


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Inui Tai (born 1929)

Wood block print on paper

Print 58.5 x 79.3 cm (23 x 31 1/4 in.)

Paper 68.0 x 87.5 cm (26 3/4 x 34 1/2 in.)

SKU: 1449
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