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ikku jippensha calligraphy painting sake view-

Ikku Jippensha | Painting


Regarding the fragrance of freshly roasted mochi – it is a lie. Just like the fragrance of soot would give a carefree state of peace and tranquility. It is better than the demons of Setsubun, for it is the demon of fortune and prosperity. This remarkable night of the passing year swiftly turns into a heartwarming experience. The drawing to the right is done by Jippensha Ikku, so bumpily drawn. - Signed and sealed by the artist.


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Ikku Jippensha (1765-1831)


Ink on fabric

35.5 x 51.5 cm (14 x 20¼ in.)

Mounting 132 x 65.5 cm (52 x 25¾ in.)


SKU: 2602
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