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hine taizan nanga landscape painting

Hine Taizan | Landscape


Hine Taizan was one of the most successful and prolific Kyoto literati painters at the end of the Edo period. Various accounts and anecdotes portray him as a professional artist of enormous talent and personal complexity. When Hidaka Tetsuo (1791-1871) a monk-painter from Nagasaki respected for his first-hand knowledge of Chinese artists, travelled to Kyoto around 1846, Taizan and others flocked to hear his instruction on painting. Tetsuo commended Taizan for attainting "sophisticated elegance" in painting and praised him as "the only person who grasped ten after learning one" among the Kyoto artists he taught (see Morioka, Michiyo, in: Literati Modern, pp. 263-264.)


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Hine Taizan (1813-1869), 1863

Ink on paper

136.1 x 48.5 cm (53 1/2 x 19 in.)

Mounting 205 x 65 cm (80 3/4 x 25 1/2 in.)

SKU: 2332
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