Yosa Buson | Letter

Yosa Buson | Letter

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As you know Yosa Buson is one of the greatest masters of haiku poetry. And he already was during his lifetime. So we can smile at the charmingly modest phrase he puts at the end of this poetic compilation where he tells the addressee what to do with this letter. - "These poems [in this letter] are an expression of gratitude for your habitual kindness... You can use them to light the fire". 

Buson signed the letter Houko-An, a rather unusual sobriquet which translates "Mugwort Pot Hermitage"


The certificate accompanying this letter has been issued in 1866 by Okura Nobufumi Kansui (d. 1878) who was a professional connoisseur and appraiser in Kyoto. 


Yosa Buson (1716-1783)

Ink on paper

16.2 x 46.3 cm (6¼ x 18¼ in.)

Mounting 97.5 x 48.5 cm (38¼ x 18 in.)

Certificate 1866, Okura Kansui

Wooden box



Bachmann Eckenstein