Yamanaka Shinten'o | Landscape

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"Up the river few people but old trees, see traces of white clouds on the roadside.
Blue mountains always attract visitors, thus never leave there.
Written by Shinten’o. - [Seal] Nisen (two rivers), [seal] Seitsu Shojizai-en (humble myself in a garden)

Collector's box signed and sealed by Fukuho Kinryo. "Spring day, 1929 titled by Fukuho Kinryo. A literati painter who studied under a Takamori Saigan (1847-1917).

Shinten'o retired in 1873 and left Kyoto and moved to Arashiyama region where he settled on the bank of Oigawa river. 

Yamanaka Shinten'o (1822-1885)
Ink on paper 134.4 x 32.8 cm (53 x 13 in.)
Mounting: 210 x 47.5 cm (82 1/2 x 18 3/4 in.)
Collector's box signed and sealed by Kinryo
Bachmann Eckenstein