Watanabe Kiyoshi waterfall painting

Watanabe Kiyoshi | Waterfall

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Watanabe Kiyoshi was born to the household of Rihei, a Nuihaku (specialist in Embroidery and wearing kimono) in Owari, modern day Nagoya. He studied painting first in the Kano style under Yoshikawa Hidenobu (Eishin) and Yoshinobu, then moved to Kyoto where he took up the Tosa school and Yamato-e under Tosa Mitsusada and Tanaka Totsugen. Along with his teacher Totsugen, and fellow students Reizei Tamechika and Ukita Ikkei he became the proponent of the Gokoyamato-e style, returning to Nagoya where he remained for the rest of his life.


Watanabe Kiyoshi (1778-1861)


Ink on paper

Mounting 206 x 75 cm (81 x 29 1/2 in.)