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Tomioka Tessai | Letter




A dynamic letter by Tomioka Tessai to his friend and fellow artist Nakajima Kaho (1866-1939). - With a certificate by Tessai's grand-son.  


Tessai and Kaho were friends - close friends in the end. In the beginning they were related by marriage of Kaho's sister Tatsu who was Tessai's wife. Kaho was only two then. And only two years older when his sister passed away. Many years later, Kaho was already a promising young artist by then, he wanted to become Tessai's calligraphy student. And this letter is Tessai's reply to the student’s request.


I humbly received your letter. And here is my reply. The fee for the ink and the lessons is two yen. You pay the fees for three months upfront. From then on this won’t be necessary and if you work really hard an additional correction fee won't be necessary. Please don’t worry about this matter. I wish you a happy New Year. – December 20th, Tessai to Kaho.


The certificate on the box was issued by Tessai's grandson, Tessai Masutaro (1907-1991).


Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924) 

Letter, ink on paper 

18 x 48.5 cm (7 x 19 in.) 

Mounting 103,5 x 53,5 cm (40 ¾ x 21 in.) 
Certificate box (Tomioka Masutaro) 


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SKU: 2583
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