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An interesting and long letter to Hayashida Ryouhei: 


Happy New Year!

Congratulations to your healthy aging once more. As you know, my getting older is not bad either. Thanks a lot for the New Year’s letter you have sent me earlier.

Last year, l asked you about Araki Murashige [1535-1586, Samurai, Daimyo, and later one of “Rikyu’s Seven Sages”]. You have kept this in mind when you visited his vestiges; I am so grateful for that. I had to get back to you immediately although it is New Years’ time and I had to go to parties every day. I kept on inquiring about Araki at those parties. My apologies for writing you so late.

When Itami Castle fell, Araki Murashige’s child was hidden and raised by the Iwasa [his mother’s] family in Kyoto.

Growing up the child lived in Echizen as a samurai of the Fukui clan. His name rose in fame as the founder of Ukiyo-e, Iwasa Matabei Katsumochi. His descendants still live in Takefu, I saw their lineage.

Then with your letter I learned about Sadakata’s [Isshiki Sadakata? 1612-1666] descendants. I was thrilled with this interesting information.

I have not really read Rikei’s [Araki Rikei (1736-1804)] writings so far I have just peeked into them once in someone’s collection.

Regrettably, there are no descendants anymore so the family tree cannot be searched. If you know of anybody who has a copy of Keirokushu, please borrow it for me.

There is a book about the Araki family before Murashige, though after him is not clear. Therefore, I am looking for it. Also, for a copy of the poems for Murashige by monk Sengaku, it helped me to learn about him and the elegance of the painting. Thank you very much.

It is the cold season, please take care of yourself.


1897 January 14th , Tomioka Hyakuren

To Mr Hayashida Ryouhei [1822-1901], and Mr Tosaku


On the envelope: Yamashiro Kyoto Imadegawa

1897 January 14th

Settu Itami-cho

a letter to Hayashida Ryouhei


Back of the envelope:

January 14th Kyoto Muromachi Ichijō Minami

Tomioka Hyakuren


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