Tani Buncho | Fan painting

Tani Buncho | Fan painting

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To think outside the box was Chokunyu’s lifelong principle. And sometimes this meant painting outside the painting. For this scroll painting Chokunyu mounted a fan-painting of spring flowers by Tani Buncho – his cheerfully eccentric equivalent – and easily added some vegetables and butterflies. And with a smile Chokunyu brushes a simple phrase next to it summing up why he did this:
Chokunyu is happy to start new things at the age of 86


After Chokunyu passed away the following year, his grandson who had inherited Chokunyu’s studio -  Gashindo in Kyoto - wrote an inscription on the box as a certificate of authenticity: "By my grandfather Master Chokunyu, a collaborative homage for Buncho. Vegetables and butterflies. In the spring of 1908, I respectfully viewed this painting at Higashiyama Gashindo. Humble grandson, hermit Shoko"


Tani Buncho (1763-1841)

Tanomura Chokunyu (1814-1907), 1899

Fan painting on a painted mounting. 

Ink and color on paper  an fabric

6 ¼ x 18 ½ in.

Mounted painting 74 x 53 cm (29 x 2¾ in.) 
Mounting 145 x 54 cm (60½ x 21¼ in.) 


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