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Tanomura Chokunyu | Homage

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To think outside the box was Chokunyu’s lifelong principle. No surprise that sometimes he painted on mountings - the mostly blank and always underrated spaces - outside the painting. 


For this homage-scroll Chokunyu had mounted a a fan-painting by Tani Buncho – his cheerfully eccentric earlier equivalent – and smoothly added some vegetables and butterflies. And with a smile in his face Chokunyu brushed a simple phrase next to it summing up why he did this:
“Chokunyu is happy to start new things at 86”. 


After Chokunyu passed away the following year his grandson who inherited Chokunyu’s studio Gashindo in Kyoto found this unpretentious scroll and wrote an inscription on the box which is a homage to his grandfather:

"By my grandfather Master Chokunyu, a collaborative homage for Buncho. Vegetables and butterflies. In the spring of 1908, I respectfully looked at this painting at Higashiyama Gashindo. The humble grandson, hermit Shoko."


Tanomura Chokunyu (1814-1907), 1899

Fan painting by Tani Buncho (1763-1841) on a painted mounting. 

Ink and color on paper  and fabric

Fan painting 6 ¼ x 18 ½ in.

Painted mounting 74 x 53 cm (29 x 20¾ in.) 
Entire Mounting 145 x 54 cm (60½ x 21¼ in.)