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Omotesenke Sottakusai Sosa Tea Chado Chanoyu

Sottakusai | Letter to a student




Instructions to a student of the way of tea given by the eighth generation head of Omotesenke tea tradition.


As suggested last night, I’d like to talk about how to arrange the utensils. They should be ready to treat the guests. Prepare the room a day or two before evening. Better later. The modern taste flower arrangement should only be made when mastering the art; otherwise it would be a waste. The room layout should be studied carefully. Look at the room and see how the flowers appear. As I said last night, it will come spontaneously. Even being used to it, prepare with care. And whatever one may ask, be prepared for it. This way we treat the guest. - The same day. Sottaku.

[Depiction of the fire place]
Carefully choose the cloth you use.


Ken'o Sosa, Sottakusai (1744-1808)

VIII generation head of Omotesenke


Ink on paper

13.6  x  33.8 (5 1/4 x 13 1/4 in.)

Mounting 108 x 44 cm (42 1/2 x 17 1/4 in.)
Wooden box

SKU: 2487
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