shmizu kosho chawan tea bowl

Shimizu Kosho | Tea bowl

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Tea bowl by Okuda Eizan decorated by Shimizu Kosho. Okuda Eizan is a Shigaraki potter and Urasenke tea master. Eizan was Kosho's student at Todaiji starting in 1978. Impressed potter's seal on the bottom of the bowl.


The inscription on the tea bowl reads 漱石枕流 Soseki Chinryu, "rinsing one's mouht with a stone and resting one's head on a pillow of flowing water, essentially an inversion founded on a mistaken use of the words stone" and water." This originally Chinese phrase inspired Natsume Soseki in taking his pen name. (Source: Angela Yiu, Chaos and Order in the Works of Natsume Soseki, p.11.)


Shimizu Kosho (1911-1999) and

Okuda Eizan (1944-) 

Height 5.4 cm (2 in.)

Diam. 15.4 cm (6 in.)

With original box (tomobako).

Bachmann Eckenstein