shimizu kosho calligraphy chawan teabowl

Shimizu Kosho | Tea bowl

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Tea bowl with an excentric decoration on the front and a poem.

"A fragnant breeze comes from the south" (Transl. in Victor Hori, Zen Sand, p.389, no.10.137). The poem's second verse (omitted herel) would read "and the palace pavilion is now fresh and cool".


The poem is attributed to the Chinese poet Su Dongpo (Jap. So Toba). This poem was also included in "Stories from Kaian" (Kaian Kokugo) by Hakuin Eikaku (1685-1768), published in 1749. It is a commented compilation of old and famous Zen verses, poems, and sentences. - The tea bowl is signed by Shimizu Kosho.


Shimizu Kosho (1911-1999)


Height 7.2 cm (2 3/4 in.)

Diam. 15 cm (5 3/4 in.)

Wooden box

Bachmann Eckenstein