Shimizu Kosho | Tea bowl

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Tea bowl made by Okuda Yasuhiro (1920-1999). In the 1940s he studied with Hamada Shoji and Kawai Kanjiro. He was the founder of the Kagura kiln in Ise, Mie Prefecture. The writing on the bowl by Shimizu Kosho reads 有隣 (yuurin), literally "there is a neighbour". - Original box (tomobako), signed and sealed by both Shimizu Kosho and Okuda Yasuhiro.


Shimizu Kosho (1911-1999) 

Okuda Yasuhiro (1920-1999)

Glazed ceramic

Height 9.3 cm (3 1/2 in.)

Diam. 10.8 cm (4 1/4 in.)

Original box (tomobako)

Bachmann Eckenstein