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Raku Ichinyu | Tea bowl


Raku Ichinyu (1640-1669) with an accompaying Poem by Hino Sukeki (1737-1801) referring to the poetic name of the bowl „Old Man“.


Raku Ichinyu (1640-1669) 

Raku ware 

Height 8 cm (3 in.)

Diam: 11.5 cm (4½ in.)

Old box with inscription 


Scroll with poem by Hino Sukeki (1737-1801)

Naming a black Raku tea bowl Okina (old man). 
Morning to evening unchangeable colour like an old man
In a thousand years, it won’t stay the same. 


Ink on paper 

119 x 56 cm


SKU: 2682
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