otagaki rengetsu poem tanzaku painted mounting

Otagaki Rengetsu | Tanzaku


Golden pine seedlings brushed on this brown-reddish textile mounting make this Tanzaku strip an outstandingly unusual, unique and rare artistic composition.


As it has for 10,000 ages 
the onset of spring 
brings singing 
to these sacred isles 
the people of Yamato. 


In her poem Otagaki Rengetsu talks about old tradition, new spring and the legendary people Yamato. And the decoration on the mounting (done by an unidentified artist, collector or connoisseur) picks up Rengetsu's words and transforms them into a simple image which refers to the old Shinto spring ritual of planting pine seedlings on shrine grounds. 


Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875)

Poem slip (tanzaku)

Ink on paper

36 x 6 cm (14 x 2¼ in.)

Mounting 146 x 24 cm (57½ x 9½ in.)

Modern wooden box 


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