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Otagaki Rengetsu | Set of four poems

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A very attractive set of four poem scrolls with a certificate/collector's box.


For Nonomiya [shrine]
a spring offering
of white cotton cloth -
cherry blossoms
amid the sakaki trees. 


A little cuckoo
crying out
on his way to Kataoka
suddenly darts
into a deep wood. 


In the fields, in the mountains
delighted, deeply so
returning to my bedroom
accompanied by
the autumn night moon


Plovers cry
along the Kamo riverbank
the moon is high -
settling on my sleeves in the deep of night
the year's first frost.


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Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875)

Set of four poem scrolls

Ink on paper

21.1 x 18.2 cm (8¼ x 7¼ in.), each

Mounting 154.5 x 31 cm (16¾ x 12¼ in.)

Certificate/collector’s box