otagaki rengetsu sencha tea pot

Otagaki Rengetsu | Sencha tea pot

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Looking like
the gleam of a sickle
sharpened by a woodsman
for his next day's work —
the light of the evening moon.


Teapot by Kuroda Koryo, whose seal is impressed on the body of the pot, next to the spout.

Original box (tomobako with poem inscription):
Coming and going
I feel neither
beginning nor end...
strange as a white cloud
this heart of mine!


By Rengetsu's days, sencha had evolved into a formal tea service, with rules of etiquette and prescribed utensils emulating chanoyu. However, the literati continued to drink the beverage more informally in quiet protest against chanoyu and as an adjunct to other literati pursuits including painting pictures and composing poetry. (Patricia C. Graham: in Black Robe White Mist, 2006, p. 65)


Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) and Kuroda Koryo (1823-1895) | Sencha tea pot, dated 1868

L: 12.4 cm (4 3/4 in.), D: 9.8 cm (3 3/4 in.), H: 5.3 (2 in.)

Original box (tomobako)

Bachmann Eckenstein