Otagaki Rengetsu ceramic tokkuri sake bottle poem

Otagaki Rengetsu | Sake Bottle

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Among her various creations, Rengetsu is perhaps best known for the exquisite vessels that she crafted for both the sencha and the chanoyu traditions of tea drinking. However, she also created a great number of bottles, flasks and cups for another beverage - sake. As with her other ceramics, Rengetsu's sake wares are adorned with her poems inscribed in her exquisite calligraphy, resonating playfully with the mood of sake drinking. (Meher McArthur, The Sake Wares of Otagaki Rengetsu, Black Robe White Mist, p. 77.)


Deutzias bloom
into a living fence
wet with morning dew—
I would so enjoy a single chirp
from a little cuckoo.


Modern wooden box with inscription. 
Height 11 cm (4 1/4 in.)

Bachmann Eckenstein