okuhara seiko nanga landscape painting

Okuhara Seiko | Landscape

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Okuhara Seiko made her debut in artistic and literary circles of Tokyo. By her mid-thirties she had become one of the most successful artists in the city in a field dominated by men, with at one time as many as 300 students working beneath her. Nearly all her paintings are accompanied by self-composed Chinese-style verse. (Source: MIA)


Sealed "Nihon Seiko": Seiko was an ardent supporter of the movement to restorerule to the imperial house, and showed her patriotism at this time by signing her paintings "Nihon (Japan) Seiko", "Ajia (Asia) Seiko". (Fister 1988, p.163).


Okuhara Seiko 

Ink on paper

151.6 x 61.9 cm (59 1/2 x 61.9 in.)

Mounting 216 x 66 cm (85 x 26 in.)
Wooden box

Bachmann Eckenstein