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Nakabayashi Chikuto | Waterfall


Nakabayashi Chikuto one of the leading exponents of Owari Nanga, or literati painting in Nagoya, despite the fact that he spent many years as artists in Kyoto. Chikuto began studying painting with Yamada Kyujo (1747-1793) at age thirteen. In 1795 Chikuto began earning a living as an independent painter. Remaining loyal to literati ideals, Chikuto studied Chinese classics and advocated a return to the brushwork traditions of Chinese masters. Chikuto's reputations emerged as early as 1813, when his name appeared in the literati painting section of Record of Famous People of Kyoto (Heian jinbutsu shi). In 1838 Chikuto withdrew to his studio in the outskirts of Kyoto and thereafter led an increasingly reclusive life. (Michiyo Morioka, in: Literati Modern, p. 284).

Nakabayashi Chikuto (1776-1853)
Ink on paper
119.8 x 27.2 cm (47 x 10 3/4 in.)
Mounting: 188 x 39 cm (74 x 15 1/4 in.)
Wooden box


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