The soldiers of Cai 
wearing armor 
sing and dance 
at the gates and chat.


A certain Mr. Honda Shozo received this calligraphy for his donation to a memorial service held for Miyajima Eishi. In the words by Eishi's son: "With the best wishes for your health and happiness. I’d like to thank you for your donation for the Kannon Chinkai gathering. With your kindness, we had about 100 people joining under the beautiful sky, and the gathering closed well. Thank you very much. - November 17th, head of the Chinkai-Kannon gathering, Miyajima Teisuke. - to Mr. Honda Shozo" (Letter by Miyajima Eishi's son, accompanying the scroll)

At a very young age Eishi became a pupil of Katsu Kaishu, who was one of the three "Shu", the others being Yamaoka Tesshu and Takahashi Deishu. Later he studied with Zhang Yuzhao in Beijing. - Some say that Eishi refused the request to become the teacher of Puyi the last Emperor of China.


Miyajima Eishi (1867-1943) 

Ink on paper

30.3 x 43.8 cm (12 x 17 1/4 in.)

Mounting 110.5 x 57.5 cm (43 1/2 x 22 1/2 in.)
Wooden box

Miyajima Eishi | Calligraphy

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