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Maruyama Okyo | Letter

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Private letter addressed to his friend Oku Doei, a medical doctor in Kyoto and one of Okyo's patrons. Doei's son, Oku Bunmei (1773-1813), was among Okyo's ten most famous students and also his biographer. 


"The other day, when we visited Komaki, I gave you my humble paintings of fish, flower and maple. For this, recently you kindly sent me the greeting with money of 6 ryo. - We received it, and thank you very much for it.
And the other day, I showed you a painting. But it was such a hectic moment. Excuse me for my messy manner. Please forgive me. But that one is too artless to serve you." - On the 18th of eleventh month, Maruyama Mondo. To Mr Oku Doei.


Compare to an other letter by Maruyama Okyo to Oku Doei discussed in Matthew P. McKelway's book "Traditions Unbound: Groundbreaking Painters of Eighteenth-century Kyoto", 2007, p.19.


Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795) | Letter

Ink on paper

18.1 x 41.9 cm (7 x 16 1/2 in.)

Mounting109 x 54.5 cm (43 x 21 1/2 in.)

Box with inscription

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