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Komuro Suiun | Landscape

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"Komuro Teijiro, called Suiun, was born the eldest son of Komuro Makisaburo in Tatebayashi, the modern Gumma prefecture. For generations the Komuro family had run a shop for the Tatebayashi clan, but Makisaburo had become independent, operating a shop selling traditional garments and also doing landscape and flower-and-bird paintings under the name of Keison. Under his father's influence the young Teijiro enjoyed painting from childhood, beginning his more formal study in 1888 with Aoki Suizan and the next year, at age fifteen, with Tazaki Soun (1815-1898). Teijiro's earliest name as an artist was Suiko, but at age nineteen he was given the name Suiun, the by-name of Soun's father. Following Soun's death in 1898 Suiun moved to Tokyo and begann to study Chinese paintings held in collections there." (In the Eye of the Beholder: exhibition catalogue, Kaikodo, 2000, no. 43, Berlin Landscape 1931)

Komuro Suiun (1874-1945), 1912
Ink and color on fabric
138.7 x 50.2 cm (54 ½ x 19 ¾ in.)
Mounting: 218 x 67 cm (85 ¾ x 26 ½ in.)
Original box


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