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Kintsugi Teabowl | e-Shino

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With a long inscription on the inside of the box lid by Joko Sogon (1759-1820), the 419th abbot of Daitokuji-temple. He gave this bowl the poetic name "Wintering" (Fuyugomori). The inscription on the inside of the box tells us how, he tells us the origin of it. "Origin. One day [erased name] visited Ken-kiln. But he bought this bowl at a shop called Yuki no shita (Under the Snow). - Then he asked me to give this bowl a name. I have tried to politely decline but as he insisted I wrote this to comply to his request. - 1812 in winter on an auspicious day of November. - Former Daitoku-ji temple Joko Sogon.". - Box with inscription and a later collector's, or dealer's label (Yamatachi-collection).




Kintsugi teabowl | e-Shino

18th century

Height 8.1 cm (3 1/4 in.)

Diam. 12.4 cm (3 3/4 in.)

Old box with inscription


On mended ceramics, see: Flickwerk. The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics, Exhibition Catalogue, Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and Museum für Lackkunst, 2008

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