daitokuji goki kintsugi amamori teabowl

Kintsugi Teabowl | Daitokuji Goki

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Kintsugi teabowl


Korea, 16th century


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Goki | A category of Korean tea bowl. The shape of a Goki tea bowl is like a lidded food bowl. I is of characteristically thin construction, neat in shape, tall, and with the style of foot that is relatively tall and slightly flaring. Depending on the style, there are such varieties of Goki as Daitokuji-Goki, Momiji-Goki, Kiri-Goki etc. (A Chanoyu Vokabulary, Tankosha 2007, p. 49)


Ex Konoe family collection, "Yomei" collector's label on the outer box.


On mended ceramics, see: Flickwerk. The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics, Exhibition Catalogue, Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and Museum für Lackkunst, 2008