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Kintsugi | Teabowl


In a world that often strives for flawlessness and perfection, there is a remarkable art form that captivates the imagination by embracing imperfections. Kintsugi, with their unique aesthetic and profound philosophy, have emerged as a symbol of beauty in brokenness. They demonstrate a profound appreciation for the imperfect and the transient. The beauty found in the cracks and fractures is a testament to the philosophy of wabi-sabi and a celebration of the object's journey. Through skilled craftsmanship, and the use of precious metals, kintsugi repairs transform brokenness into something captivating and inspiring. They remind us that there is beauty to be found in embracing imperfections, and that sometimes, the most breathtaking art emerges from what was once shattered.


Tea bowl

18th century, with later kintsugi repair

H: 8.8 cm (3½ in.) 

Diam. 15 cm (6 in.) 

Box with collector's label ("Chawan Ko-Hagi) 

SKU: 2440
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