kintsugi ceramic repair

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In Japan, when prized ceramics, especially those associated with chanoyu (the tea ceremony), were broken or damaged, they would be mended using lacquer that was often further embellished with gold or silver. Such repairs can have inherent artistic value, while imparting prestige to a vessel and its owner. (Cornell University


Idowaki is a category of Korean tea bowl. The name literally means "marginal" Ido. Tea bowls in this category bear a stylistic reseblance to true Ido type tea bowls, but the shape and place of porduction are different. Besides pieces that are in the Ido-style shape, ther are idowaki of the shallow shape. (Chanoyu Vocabulary. Practical Terms for the Way of Tea, p. 76)


Edo period

18th century

Glazed ceramic (Idowaki)


Lacquered box with lacquer inscription "Ido waki" and "Murasakino-an"


H 4.5 cm (1 3/4 in.)

D 15 cm (6 in.)


On mended ceramics, see: Flickwerk. The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics, Exhibition Catalogue, Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and Museum für Lackkunst, 2008