kinkai teabowl hagi ware

Kinkai teabowl | Hagi ware


He was a passionate devotee of the tea ceremony. He was a disciple of Sen Rikyu (1522-1591). He shared his masters' admiration for provincial Korean wares. And he was Daimyo of the Satsuma domain – Shimazu Yoshihiro (1535-1619).

When Yoshihiro happened to be engaged in military affairs on Korean battlefields, from which he would return as one of the celebrated winners in 1598, he took the opportunity to take along a number of Koreans, some say more than seventy. This was an unfriendly take-over but a substantial acquisition of external knowledge. And it was needed to start the production of Satsuma wares on Kyushu. One of those Koreans was Kim Hai (1569-1621), also