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Kimura Buzan | Painting

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Shussan Shaka, i.e. Sakyamuni Buddha returning from his six years of asceticism in the mountains, having realized that ascetic practice is not the path to enlightenment. The Shussan Shaka episode is an important motif in Zen painting in both China and Japan.


This is a painting in the painting. It is not just a painted mounting, but the entire "framing" of the central painting (honshi) is painted too. 


Inscription on the box: Painting of Buddha, an authentic painting by Master Kimura Buzan. In October 1929: 60 yen for the painting and 10 yen for the mounting. Certified the first Niizawa Ryushi who owened this painting.


Born the eldest son of a samurai in the Kasama Domain, Kimura Buzan graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Art in 1896.




Kimura Buzan (1876-1942) 

Sakyamuni Buddha returning from the mountains (Shussan Shaka)

Ink on fabric

208.5 x 54 cm (82 x 21 1/4 in.)

Some staining
Collector's box

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