kida kado painting with poem

Kida Kado | Painting

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Mountains are blue
clouds float - 
Baked aubergine with miso


I am grateful, on this 18th day, Chikuseki, sealed "Kado".
Living slow, knowing all.


Inscription on the box lid:
Old Kado's letter with aubergine painting. And on the inside of the lid: Spending all day admiring thousands of paintings. I'm old and still drawing bad.


In his early years Kida studied painting with the noted masters Kishi Ganku and Gantai. Thereafter he traveled around Northern Japan for 20 years and led the life of a scholar. In his late fourties, Kida settled in Nagoya.


Kida Kado (1802-1879)

Ink on paper

15.5 x 25.3 cm (9 x 10 in.)

Mounting: 99 x 34 cm (39 x 13 1/4 in.)
Collector's box with inscription.