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Kida Kado | Letter


After years of studies in Kyoto and scholarly travels through Northern Japan Kida Kado settled in Nagoya to open his own studio. He was in his late fourties, he was equipped with skills and experience, and soon he was appointed by the Owari Clan to as their court painter. And Miwa Kaboku became his friend. Kaboku was unlike Kado not a professional but rather amateur artist who had been studying with Kyoto’s most prominent: The two Yamamoto, Tetsuzan and Baiitsu, Kojima Shotetsu and Kinoshita Hanyun. Then he had been dealing in swords, but his true passion was collecting manuscripts. When the Nagoya Museum was opened in 1878, he was given the position of curator of calligraphy and paintings. And I would be surprised if he didn’t smile when he received this letter and self-grown vegetable from his friend Kida Kado. 


"The reply comes late, and I am sorry about it. There were things happening around. The stone you gave me, is the best. I have put it close to me and I look at it from time to time to please myself. This thing [image of a vegetable] I picked in my garden. It will be my pleasure if it pleases you a bit. Thank you very much again." – Late summer, to Kaboku, Chikusekikyo. 


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Kida Kado (1802-1879)

Letter to  his friend Miwa Kaboku (1831-1901)

Ink on paper

15.5 x 59.5 cm (6 x 23½ in.)

Mounting 99 x 62.5 (34 x 24½ in.)

Wooden box

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